Foggy fall morning

It’s not often I’ll leave my first cup of coffee for anything! But the light this morning…an...

A Canoe across Lake Dillon

Brent and I try to get together in the canoe with his daughter Mya every summer. This year we gave daughter, Kate, her first boarding pass! Brent is a former wedding client, now great friend (I guess he loved the photos!). I photographed Brent and Allison 10 years ago at Ten Mile Station, in Breckenridge, […]

…and a few days later…

This young moose showed up in our yard a week or so after the big guy. I’m not sure where his Moose Mom was, but he was a bit freaked out. The aspen saplings tickling his belly really set him off! Enjoy! – 30 –

There’s Moose in them thar hills…

This moose first showed up at the base of our steps. He’s as big as he looks. The next morning, he was visiting the neighbors. This is exactly the kind of image I used to love capturing as “wild art” when I was a photojournalist. – 30 –

Canoe View

I’ve had a great summer in my Old Town Penobscot 16′ Canoe, beginning the season with a solo paddle on Ruby/Horsethief and ending (maybe not!) with a quick paddle for Brent & his daughter, Mya. Click the thumbnail for a larger version! Here’s a selection from the season starting with Saturday’s toodle… Mya Paddles…Brent is […]