Holga Toy Camera – Rafting

Here’s a fairly new Holga Toy Camera image of Jayne catching the wave train of Yarmony Falls on the Upper Colorado River! Click the image to get the full-size view!               ~30~

My gal Jaynie…

Jayne’s been learning to run whitewater since last summer. This selection (shot with my happy snaps!) is from her first time solo’ing the Upper Colorado section, including Eye of the Needle and Yarmony. Wow! Way to go Jayne! Click the images for a larger version!                  

River time…Ruby/Horsethief/Westwater

I have never let it be a habit to post an excess of personal images on my blog. This blog has always been reserved for my professional work and photography education work. Time for a change, so you know the things most important in my life – outside of photography. This selection is from my […]

Holga Toy Camera photography from the River

Finally getting back to the blog! First up are Holga Toy Camera photographs from our river trip. My personal favorites are Miles Evans’ river chair, Petroglyph and Gunnison Butte. I don’t really like the solar flare image…as in…nice try, but no go…I also kind of like “Last Morning” the very yellowish image of rocks…very different […]