Stop giving your photography away!

Alright, I’m a bit riled I admit…but after my rant on facebook I couldn’t resist bringing it here. I want my students to read this post. I want the photographers I mentor and my former students to read this. I want anyone who engages in creative endeavors to read this, whether it’s my cool second […]

A Colorado Family Portrait session…

I did a Colorado Family Portrait session with the Moscarello family this week at their home along the Snake River in Keystone. Yeah, who needs a studio with settings like this! My favorites are the last two with an antique filtering from Lightroom. And, yeah, I shot them with this intent. Shot a few Holga […]

the demise of the Great Yellow Father

I’m sharing this link from PetaPixel with a feature story on the continued demise of Kodak. Kodak Threatened with Stock Delisting as It Prepares to File for Bankruptcy   For someone like me (and my colleagues) this represents a final nail in the coffin Kodak began preparing for itself years ago. I watched with dismay […]

ImageShop Salon Photography

Hey all – I had a chance to do some fashion/hair photography work over the weekend and posting a few samples from the take! If you want to contact Dawn at Image Salon, give her a call at 970.376.0150 – she rocks!

Finally updating LITfoto blog!

It’s time for me to refocus on my photography and begin posting images again. I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from my blog and facebook to reorganize, regroup and move forward. As many of you know I was forced to close down Lake Dillon Art Center the end of May, for a lack of […]