A Canoe across Lake Dillon

Brent and I try to get together in the canoe with his daughter Mya every summer. This year we gave daughter, Kate, her first boarding pass! Brent is a former wedding client, now great friend (I guess he loved the photos!). I photographed Brent and Allison 10 years ago at Ten Mile Station, in Breckenridge, […]

Colorado Wedding Photography…

I’m only shooting weddings for direct referrals from previous wedding clients or those who simply find their way to me and enjoy my work. I hope to launch a new website ColoradoWeddingPhotography.com soon. For more of my Colorado Wedding Photography visit LITfoto.com or keyword “wedding” on the blog. Kimberly and Doug were referred to me […]

Colorado Lifestyle Wedding Photography – Jaime and Jordan

I had a chance to do some engagement wedding photography for Jaime and Jordan who will be getting married out of state. While the weather didn’t exactly cooperate, we managed to get in about an hour before we couldn’t shoot anymore! Here are a few from the photography session! Click the photos for larger versions. […]

And a few from the Wedding…

Andrea and Jim’s wedding was a very small, intimate wedding. It is one reason why we spent so much time photographing them doing what they love in the mountains, rather than focusing on the ceremony itself. A few images from their wedding photography.

Andrea & Jim: Colorado Wedding Photography – the Canoe!

Always open to ideas from my clients, Andrea hit on a great one! We were chatting about my love of canoeing, and the canoe I purchased last year. Excited by this, she asked if I would do some wedding lifestyle photographs of them in the canoe! From a really cool idea to really sweet photographs! […]

Colorado wedding photography – Andrea & Jim Lifestyles

Here’s a selection from Andrea and Jim’s wedding lifestyle session; a session, two trips and three tries in the making due to weather! These are shot right in my “backyard” using views new since the beetle kill trees have been removed. The entire lifestyles photography gallery is online at LITfoto.com.  

ImageShop Salon Photography

Hey all – I had a chance to do some fashion/hair photography work over the weekend and posting a few samples from the take! If you want to contact Dawn at Image Salon, give her a call at 970.376.0150 – she rocks!

Breckenridge Colorado Wedding Photography – Stefanie & Tallon

Stefanie and Tallon’s wedding brought the snow to Breckenridge, Colorado! Their Monday wedding (1/17/2011) took place during the start of a snow which would last another day or so. The snow began falling about noon and by 2 p.m. was a steady dump. D-U-M-P! Two feet of snow would fall during their wedding. Wedding at […]

Stephanie and Jory’s Keystone Wedding Photography book!

I want to share with you a link to Stephanie and Jory’s Keystone Wedding Photography book. I just finished designing the wedding photography book and it is online to view. I really enjoyed designing this book, relying on an antique process of key photos – then using them as grainy backgrounds on the pages. I […]

Colorado Wedding Photography – Sarah & Virgil – Silverthorne Pavilion

I’m finally getting a moment to post photos from Sarah and Virgil’s wedding photography on October 3rd! Sorry for the delay, but I’ve been moving into a new space and getting the place all freshened up! I hope you enjoy the photos. The wedding took place at the Lord of the Mountains church in Dillon, […]