About the blog…

Hi, welcome to my new blog for MattLitPhoto.com


 This replaces the blog for blog.LITfoto.com and will now focus much more on photography education and workshops. Join me on this journey and watch your photography blossom.

For more about Matt visit the about pageat MattLitPhoto.com.

3 thoughts on “About the blog…

  1. this was a very easy access to all categories. and fun to re-visit spring 2012 class! thank you for sharing,


    d. nykaza

  2. Thank you for the visit to my blog and for the kind comments. I’m getting ready to start my AYV program with my students and they are so excited. I’ll post our progress to my blog if you ever feel like checking in:-) You have a really awesome photography site. I’ve been spending some time checking it out. Best wishes and happy holidays!

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