River tripping on the Green River, Utah – Labyrinth Canyon ~ 10-day Canoe Exploration

Ten days. That seemed like a lot for only 52 river miles. Why not? I sure needed the time in my canoe and it was a chance to spend time on the river with river book author Tom Martin and Hazel Clark.

I’ve been back almost three weeks and I’m still processing. The photographs for sure. And. The. Trip. This was a profound trip for me on many levels. I’ve done Labyrinth Canyon twice about 10 or so years back. It’s where I first learned to run a boat and discovered my love for canoeing. This was different on so many levels.

It was an opportunity to also do some serious photography – not just my Holga Toy Camera work. For this I packed my Nikon D800 and for lenses, the 70-200mm f2.8 and 17-35mm f2.8, my lightweight Bogen Manfrotto tripod, my Speedlight and other camera incidentals.

I’ve done my initial edit on these images and have posted a gallery of images at FineArtAmerica.com. I hope you’ll look and enjoy. More to come on the trip…both thoughts and photographs.

GALLERY @ FineArtAmerica.com:   Green River ~ Labyrinth Canyon gallery 


And a few of my canoe: Old Town Penobscot 16-foot Royalex expedition canoe.

Laying out the gear at Green River State Park


Loaded out…that’s Tom and Hazel’s raft in the background outfitted with a bug net!



~ 30 ~ 

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