Shooting Seattle with the Fuji X100 – do I really need any more camera than this?

I’m finally catching up on some blog posting and want to share images captured with the impressive Fuji X100. This is the original model of this fine little camera and I’m sure the “S” and “T” models live up to all expectations!

I recently traveled to Seattle and went back and forth over what camera to carry…a photographer’s fashion quandary? That I was taking multiple Holga Toy Cameras was a non-issue. But what to carry for other photography? I considered my Nikon D800 with just a 50mm and even my old film Nikon FM-2n with a 50. My buddy Spencer won me over with his offer to borrow his Fuji X100.

This APC-C sensored camera¬†features a 23mm f2 lens (about a 35mm equivalent in familiar terms) and can’t be beat for its compact size. So, the Fuji it was…and I did not regret for a moment! Below are images captured with this neat little dude.

The Red Floor at Seattle Public Library


On the way downtown:


Lovers outside the library:




Top Pot Coffee Shop images:





Would I buy one? You bet…it won’t ever replace my full Nikon system, but for a compact take-everywhere digital camera it just can’t be beat!

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