Contest Entries

I’ve never done this in the past (and hope this doesn’t jinx me!) – but, I’m posting the 12 entries sent to the World Photographic Gala Awards competition. (my philosophy for contests is “enter and forget”).

I thought I would use these images as a kick-off to my Digital Photography class discussion on learning to critique. Jaynie suggested I teach students to critique by having them critique my work! So…here goes…feel free to comment!

The competition is for Portrait/People. I wanted to combine a mix of my Holga work and my older work from my photojournalism days. The contest is limited to 12 entries…so as you can guess, I had to narrow down quite a bit. I was taught early on “edit ruthlessly” and will attempt to pass this on to my students!


1) Hilton Head Island – three girls – Holga Toy Camera

2) Denver – 15th & Platte sts. – Holga Toy Camera

3) Shonne O’Brennan – an Irish traveler I met wandering Fanueil Hall, in Boston

4) Biker Child – a little girl where I first lived when I became regional editor for the Taos News

5) Klemens Namwira – Namibia – Discussing his country’s first day of independence from apartheid

6) Fizzeah Azzed – I met him in Old Jerusalem. We spent the day together wandering to the Church of the Holy Sepulchur. Though barely able to communicate, it was an amazing day for me.

7) Wailing Wall – done as polaroid image transfer.

8 ) A Hawaiian boy with his dad’s surfboard.]

9) Israeli IDF couple.

10) Boys at the Circus – Holga Toy Camera

11) Colorado – travels on Hwy. 285

12) Rebel Soldier – done as polaroid image transfer.

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